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Our comprehensive Strategic Purchasing Program is grounded in rigorous, tested analytical approaches that provide for complete tailoring to your risk preferences, and is supported by fundamental market understanding and analysis that can provide energy buyers peace of mind and complete confidence in decision making.

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Our Approach

End-to-end Energy Supply Management

Energy procurement can be complex, particularly when you have multiple facilities across several states, market prices fluctuating throughout the year and a host of other factors. Our energy experts can relieve you from these challenges and make the process painless, so you benefit from lower energy costs, valuable energy insights and more time. We’ll work with your team to establish and operate a comprehensive energy supply management program through our five-step, end-to-end approach.

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    Market Survey

    We review energy supply program parameters and options. 

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    Market Assessment

    Our team conducts a detailed review of market conditions, characteristics, and performance by location. 

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    Strategy Development

    Our comprehensive energy supply management strategy includes supply product specifications, hedging strategy and key metrics and expectations. 

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    Program Execution

    Our team provides ongoing monitoring of forward markets utilizing our proprietary Strategic Purchasing Program tool and prepares all bid requirements and responses.

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    Program Management

    We provide routine reporting of program performance, monitoring of markets and implementation of program adjustments as needed. 

  • Informed and objective purchasing decisions based on numerically driven advanced market analytics and technical indicators.

  • Hedging strategies that generate buying signals to take advantage of market dips or avoid market runs – outperforming other standard strategies over 80% of the time.

  • Systematic process to implement procurement strategy as soon as ‘buying signals’ are issued.

What we do

Guiding your energy procurement decisions.

Typically, energy buyers follow either a calendar-based schedule or a subjective market assessment to make their purchase. Making purchasing decisions in this way, however, can subject you to unfavorable market conditions or lead to sub-optimal results. Our Strategic Purchasing Program offers a range of solutions to help guide your energy procurement decisions, including optimizing your energy usage, monitoring energy consumption, and improving operational efficiency. Benefits include: 

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