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Improved energy efficiency is the essence of effective energy sustainability. Efficiency reduces carbon footprint through reduced consumption and emphasizes long-term cost structure reduction.

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Energy Efficiency and Conservation

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Organizations recognize that there are substantial efficiencies and savings to be gained when it comes to energy consumption at their facilities. Energy efficiency and conservation measures use less energy to achieve the same amount of productivity for your organization, saving money and improving your carbon footprint.  

We offer a wealth of information and solutions on energy efficiency and conservation for your organization. Whether you are looking to reduce your environmental impact or simply want to save money, we have something for everyone. Join us in our mission to create a more sustainable future for generations to come.  


Setting you up for success

Many organizations are challenged with how to establish and operate a rigorous and comprehensive framework to approach their energy efficiency strategy. Our experts set you up for success through reduction in energy consumption, while also achieving your sustainability and cost-savings goals.

Our effective Energy Efficiency Program Management Framework contains four key components, which include:

  • Establishment of objectives and commitments

    Our experts will work with you to establish objectives and develop a site prioritization plan based on your decarbonization goals, customer requirements/commitments, ownership/lease length of facilities, current rates, energy usage and completed energy efficiency upgrades.

  • Development of a project evaluation framework

    We develop a consistent and standardized project evaluation framework to enable effective and efficient decision making on potential energy conservation measures and energy efficiency measures at the prioritized sites. These frameworks will include specifics around how each project will be evaluated, including assessment of savings, incentives, financial investment, and long-term benefits.

  • Establishment of stakeholders to support the energy efficiency program

    Our team will work with your organization’s management and internal stakeholders to establish clear responsibilities and a decision-making authority for the execution of projects. This will include getting support from site leaders and facility owners.

  • Accountability through transparent reporting and evaluation

    Our energy experts will institute a comprehensive measurement, reporting and evaluation framework, which will help achieve accountability and track progress towards established objectives. In addition, we’ll translate the findings from our opportunity assessments into actionable insights that will help you make informed strategy decisions.

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