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As a comprehensive energy advisory and program management consulting company, we help you get the most out of your energy solution. Whether your organization is trying to improve its bottom line, meet sustainability goals or find innovative ways to reduce your energy usage, our team of experts will partner with you to identify, assess, develop, and implement a data-driven energy strategy that meets your organization’s goals.

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AEP Energy is a comprehensive energy advisory and program management consulting company formed from the roots of an energy company. Our energy experts deliver sustainable solutions and simplify energy management through a holistic, integrated, and systematic approach.

With interdisciplinary expertise in energy markets and energy technologies and our full suite of services and solutions, we provide end-to-end, comprehensive support for the achievement of your energy sustainability objectives, including strategy, execution, and program management.

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Be a part of a growing energy consulting company that believes our customers’ success is equal to our own success. We believe in doing the right thing every time—for our customers, each other and our future.

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AEP Energy’s Customer Insights blog provides helpful information to help organizations like yours make informed decisions regarding their energy management strategy. Read more as we explore a new energy-related topic each month.

Decarbonization, Your Business, and the Roadmap to Success


(2 minute read) Stakeholder demands for sustainability and decarbonization are driving the need for companies to meet emission reduction targets. Are you challenged by how to successfully meet your goals, while also balancing cost and reliability? Building a decarbonization roadmap gives you a step-by-step process to manage roadblocks and meet greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. …

Transmission costs continue to increase, year after year


(2 minute read) Transmission Rates Keep Climbing Have you noticed the transmission rate on your energy bill increasing recently? You are not imagining things. In some areas, rates have increased over 75%! Regardless of whether transmission costs are billed by the utility or passed through to you on your retail energy supplier bill, this costly …

Timing Your Energy Contract Decisions – Best Practices to avoid Bad Markets

Cost Management

Smart and savvy energy buyers know that a well thought out energy procurement strategy is critical to realizing long-term cost savings. However, many procurement managers do not dedicate as much rigor to it as necessary. This often leads to them being caught up in challenging energy markets or making uninformed decisions on their purchase, that …