Meet our dedicated energy experts who partner with you to find the right energy solution for your organization.

George Deljevic

Vice President, Energy Services

George oversees AEP Energy Services, a comprehensive energy advisory and program management consulting company. With over 15 years of experience in the energy sector, George has held various roles within the retail energy industry, and a variety of leadership and contributory roles in both large-scale and start-up operations. George has gained a deep understanding of energy markets, utility programs and rate structures, which guides program development and management and identifies key market insights to ensure customer solutions are holistic and integrated. In his previous role as vice president at AEP Energy, George oversaw deal valuation, structuring, validation, risk management and product development teams. George holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Wayne State University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Bharath Karambakkam

Energy Usage & Technology Manager

Bharath has over 15 years of experience of financial analysis of energy efficiency technologies and investments. He has extensive knowledge of modeling and estimating building energy usage for design optimization, LEED credits, and code compliance. In addition, Bharath has provided solutions for electrification, renewable energy transition, and energy storage analysis for several clients. With additional knowledge of data analytics, Bharath has experience providing cross-functional solutions to reduce energy usage at the portfolio level and has delivered data analysis for various client solutions including electrification, renewable energy transition and energy storage. He holds a Master of Mechanical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and a Master of Business Administration in Business Analytics from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business.

Brittany Strumbel

Customer Program Management, Lead

Brittany has been with AEP Energy since 2022 as a leader on the Customer Program Management team. Brittany is responsible for customer engagements starting at the time of initial conversations, contracting, and throughout the term of service. As the main point of contact for customers, she guides and manages the delivery of contracted services and provides clear communication and updates to customer counterparts. Internally, Brittany leads a team that conducts project management for each customer and drives collaboration amongst internal teams. Prior to AEP Energy, Brittany worked in the energy efficiency and consulting space and has experience in managing multiple energy efficiency programs for residential and commercial customers. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management and a master’s in Public Affairs from Indiana University.

Evan Racine-Johnson

Market Analytics Manager

Evan is the manager of the Market Analytics team and is responsible for developing energy supply management and procurement strategies, market intelligence and cost management reporting, and being a key stakeholder and advisor in customer energy strategy. He has extensive experience in the energy industry with stakeholder advocacy experience in regional power markets. He also has experience in delivering effective distributed asset management strategies and Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) solutions. Evan served as a key contributor to asset and financing decisions totaling >$1.1B, including at a 1,700-MW generation and transmission cooperative in Texas. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arabic from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Finance from the University of Illinois.

Peter Synott

Program Administration Manager

Peter is the manager of Program Administration and has more than 12 years of experience directing the business operations and administrative functions of clinical departments at the McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center and the University of New Mexico Medical School. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the strategy, implementation and management of department administration and research programs at all levels of funding, including federal, state, and private agencies. With his client-focused perspective, Peter brings experience and dedication to ensuring client deliverables are met on time and budget. Peter holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude, from Shenandoah University and is completing his MBA in Data Analytics, also from Shenandoah.

Ritesh Tipnis, Ph.D.

Director, Program Management

Ritesh has been with AEP Energy for 10 years in product development and project management. In his current role, he oversees the program management team at AEP Energy Services and is responsible for overall strategy and enabling energy management programs for customers and facilitating their deployment. Ritesh has extensive project management experience driving effective customer solutions with technical and analytical-focused teams. Prior to AEP Energy, Ritesh led a photovoltaic device engineering team at a printed electronics company, Plextronics, Inc. Ritesh has a Ph.D. in Polymer Science from the University of Connecticut, where he developed an implantable glucose sensor device. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Technology from the University of Mumbai (India).

Mike Hamrock

Strategic Partnerships & Program Development

Mike has been with AEP Energy for over two years in various Program Management roles, first starting on the Customer Program Management team where he was responsible for managing customer engagements from the initial sales process into project management, as well as supporting product and program development efforts. Mike is currently leading the Services’ Strategic Partnerships and Program Development function, where he is responsible for developing and managing key partnerships and vendor relationships that support the growth of the business and deliver on customer engagements. Mike holds dual B.B.A. degrees from Loyola University Chicago in Information Systems and International Business.