We simplify complex energy challenges.

Our expert advisors provide comprehensive energy management services nationwide to help you make smart and informed energy decisions for your organization through an integrated, holistic and end-to-end approach. With our deep market and industry knowledge and extensive technical expertise, we can cut through the complexity of today’s energy landscape and ensure all aspects of your energy management needs are considered together, so you understand your options to make the best decisions and get the most value.

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Why AEP Energy

Superior Insights. Sustainable Solutions. Brighter Future.

Formed from the roots of an energy company, we deliver sustainable solutions and simplify energy management through a holistic, integrated, and systematic approach. Our aim is to help organizations nationwide cut through the complexity of today’s energy environment and develop and deliver superior, sustainable energy management solutions 

With interdisciplinary expertise in energy markets and energy technologies and our full suite of services and solutions, AEP Energy provides end-to-end, comprehensive support for the achievement of your energy sustainability objectives, including strategy, execution, and program management. 

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    Comprehensive Approach

    Holistic approach to your energy portfolio so you know your options and get the most value.

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    Energy Market Expertise

    Experienced energy experts who provide world-class advisory on strategy, execution and program management.

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    Solution Optimization

    Tailored solutions based on your specific needs and goals.

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    Trusted Energy Partner

    Formed from the roots of one of the largest energy utilities in the US, we are equally invested in our customers’ success.

Total Energy Management: Looking at the Whole Picture.

Our custom-made solutions are informed by our deep market and industry knowledge and our extensive technical expertise. With our Total Energy Management approach, we ensure all energy components are considered together so you understand your options and get the most value. Whether it is energy supply, energy cost management, renewables or energy efficiency, our energy experts will partner with you to identify a solution that brings you the most value. 


End-to-end service for all of your carbon reduction needs.

As a leader in the carbon emission reduction space, we offer renewable energy solutions, energy efficiency programs and electrification services to enhance your sustainability and decarbonization efforts, wherever you are on your journey. As a company that has an equal share in our customers’ success, AEP Energy will partner with you to develop a decarbonization roadmap that puts you on the road to success.  

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Gain More Control Over Your Energy Costs

The ultimate goal of cost management is to improve your organization’s profitability and reduce its waste. We offer practical strategies and solutions to reduce your expenses without limiting your teams productivity and efforts. Learn more about our comprehensive cost management approach that offers real results and cost transparency for your organization.


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Knowledge is Power.

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